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Engineering Economy 8th – Gerald J. Thuesen; W.J. Fabrycky

TRANG CHỦ Forums 3. BỘ MÔN KỸ THUẬT HỆ THỐNG CÔNG NGHIỆP (ISE) Kinh Tế Kỹ Thuật Engineering Economy 8th – Gerald J. Thuesen; W.J. Fabrycky

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    For three-semester, sophomore to senior-level courses in Engineering Economy.
    This text emphasizes the concepts and techniques of analysis useful in evaluating the economic feasibility of engineering systems, projects, and services for decision purposes. It also familiarizes students with operations and operational feasibility necessary to considerations of the design process. A basic understanding of mathematical modeling in complex operational systems proves essential to a growing number of engineers today.
    Nếu có điều kiện hãy mua sách gốc ủng hộ tác giả các bạn nhé!
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