Sale & Privacy Policy

Sale & Privacy Policy is owned and operated by ISEVN Forums. Forum’s members are organizations and individuals whose legal activities are official accepted by ISEVN Forums and are allowed to use services provided by ISEVN Forums and related parties.

1.    Definition

-        E-commerce websites  developed and operated by ISEVN Forums

-        Online training courses:  A collection of multimedia lectures on a certain topic.

-        Price (Service Fee):  The cost that customer must pay to purchase access 1 (One) Online Training Course/ Specific material which is provided by ISEVN Forums or to purchase access to a forum discussion topic. Price showed in website included VAT Tax. Customer only need to pay for a course once and use it forever.

-        Lecturers or partners:  The individuals, organizations that have the ability to convey information to audience. They have good content, and in-depth knowledge or skills on one or more certain fields that ISEVN Forums cooperates with in producing online training course and creating quality online content. Lectures in video are professionally filmed and post-processed by the support team of ISEVN Forums. Ownership and copyright are specified for each partner based on an agreement between the two parties.

-        Learners/ Customers:  People who are granted access rights to forum discussion topics, training courses on the ISEVN Forums platform and/or website.

-        Access rights to discussion topics/ online training courses/ documents:  The permission to log in to the platform and/or website to view the content of Online Training Course.

2.    General terms

- website is owned and operated by ISEVN Forumss. Partners and learners have registered to use an account approved by the ISEVN Forums Administration is an activity of website.

-        Services on ISEVN Forums are implemented based on the principles of freedom, voluntariness, equality, respect for the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved, without violating the provisions of the law and regulations of ISEVN Forums.

-        All services and products on ISEVN Forums must fully follow the conditions by ISEVN Forums regulations and relevant provisions of the Law, must ensure it is not in the case of banned goods, contraband, counterfeit goods.

-        Partners and learners when registering for an account and using the ISEVN Forums services must agree with the terms of operation, take legal responsibility for their actions and commit to comply with all relevant regulations.

-        ISEVN Forums is committed to building regulations based on regulations on e-commerce and complying with the provisions of Vietnamese Law.

1.    Process for Learners

-        Step 1: Access to website

-        Step 2: Select Courses/ Discussion Topics you want. The screen displays information about the Course/ Topic. Click the “Buy” button on the screen.

-        Step 3: Log in with email and password.

-        Step 4: Select a payment method:

·       Online payment via ATM card

·       Transfer via Bank Account

·       Credit card

Then, Click on “Proceed to payment” to complete the payment.

-        Step 5: Complete the purchase when have a successful payment notification.

2.    Delivery and shipping process

2.1.                 Delivery and shipping policy

ISEVN Forums provide online payment transportation. When customers pay via online payment of ISEVN Forums, ISEVN Forums confirmed successful payment, then will sent notification email to customers. This is an automatic form of sending, ISEVN Forums will not check and verify the email.

2.2.                 Order confirmation time

Each payment method will have a different order confirmation time, which is described as follow:

·       Online payment via ATM card: immediately confirm when system sent a successful payment notification.

·       Transfer via Bank Account: within 24 hours of completing the transfer.

·       Credit card:  immediately confirm when system sent a successful payment notification.

3.    Order confirmation/ cancellation process

3.1.                 Order confirmation process

-        With direct cash payment customers: Account will be activated directly at ISEVN Forums office.

-        With transfer/ online payment customers: Purchase is confirmed by Email and SMS from ISEVN Forums with account information, code course and related information, the customers can activate Course by themselves.

3.2.                 Order cancellation process

-         With transfer/ online/ cash payment customers: Due to the special product, the activation information is sent to the customer immediately after payment, ISEVN Forums does not accept order cancellation requests for orders made via transfer/ online/ cash payment.

Any cancellation requests will be moved to process with return and refund requests.

4.    Return and refund process

If the customer who is studying feels that the course/topic is not effective, customer can call to hotline or contact with customer service department for advice on switching to another course/topic or ISEVN Forums will refund 100% of the amount.

4.1.                   Conditions for switching another course/ topic

-        Time to request is no more than 3 days from the date of payment.

-        Customers who purchased an activated course/ topic and have not study yet more than 30% of the course timeline.

-        Customers will have to pay the bonus fee if the new course/ topic has a higher value than the current course/ topic.

4.2.                 Condition for refund reasons :

-        Technical errors related to course/ topic by ISEVN Forums.

-        Payment errors: over payment, payment for duplicate orders.

-        Other reasons are recognized by ISEVN Forums (Not violate Article 2 of refund policy)

Please notice:

-        All of refund reasons must have review and photo proof.

-        ISEVN Forums hold all of the right to decide whether to make refund decisions for customers.

4.3.               ISEVN Forums does not refund with the following cases:

The problems are made by learners:

-        Customers chose wrong courses/topic

-        Customers can not arrange their time or don’t want study anymore. As course/topic of ISEVN Forums is lifetime, ISEVN Forums reserves the right to refuse this reason.

-        Technical errors from learners: within the studying process, learners have some objective technical errors (Damaged device, unresponsive network connection, old app/browser can't learn, …)

-        Due to learners haven’t clearly read about course/topic information: Learners please look up information about the course/topic before making a purchase.

-        Customer give some general reasons (For example: Not interested in studying anymore, not suitable, unable to follow the course, ...)

-        Payment for 3rd party: If customers pay for course/topic for any other cooperation/ individuals don’t have evidence that they have payment for ISEVN Forums, ISEVN Forums can’t refund for customers. In this case, please contact with the person who paid for to request a refund.

4.4.                 Refund time

Refund time depend on initial payment method of customers.

-        Online payment (include bank transfer payment; payment via Visa/ Master Card, payment via Vietnam domestic ATM card): Refund time within 30 days of the refund request being approved.

-        Cash payment at ISEVN Forums office: Refund time within 15 days.

4.5.       Refund method

For bringing the convenience for our customers, ISEVN Forums will make the only refund method is Bank transfer. Therefore, when customer have refund require, they must provide bank account number for ISEVN Forums.

4.6.          Transfer fees

Refund is done by bank transfer, refund fees if any will be paid by customer. Depend on each bank, the transfer fees will be different. Please contact to customer service for more information.

4.7.          Refund information verification

To ensure security for customer when refund, ISEVN Forums will verify your information.

-        Customer must use the email which is registered with ISEVN Forums to send refund request information.  The course name to request a refund, the email registered on the system must be the same.

-        In the case, customer cannot use initial registered email, don’t hesitant contact with customer service to have more conduct.

4.8. Refund process

-  Step 1: Access to , log in to ISEVN Forums; select the support in the right corner of the screen. Fill in the full information in the support window (including email, phone number, full name, course name/topic)

-  Step 2: After sending the request, please check response email from ISEVN Forums in your email. Then, providing full refund information in this email to ISEVN Forums can refund for customer.

5.    Product warranty/maintenance process:  

If you have any question about technical, please contact our customer service by below information:

Hotline: 0974 717 048 - 090 3467 900


1.    Payment between Customers and ISEVN Forums

Customers who purchase the course can pay through the following methods:

-        Pay at ISEVN Forums office:  You will be required to provide your full name, address and phone number. You give the staff total fund then your account will be activated and you can join the Course/ Topic right away.

-        Payment via online payment gateway:  OnePay gateway by ATM card, VISA, Master Card.

-        Transfer via Bank Account:  Customers can use any bank in Vietnam (or use Internet Banking) to transfer money according to the information below:

·       Account number: 0071000898881

·       Account owner: Mai Ngoc Khanh

·       Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) - Ham Nghi Transaction Office, District 1, HCMC

In the "Notes" section when transferring, you can include: Order number + Phone number + Registered course name 

For example:  MDH0124 090978649 Leadership Course

2.    Payment between Partners and ISEVN Forums

According to Cooperation Agreement between Partners and ISEVN Forums. Payment is made monthly after revenue check.

Customer absolutely do not use any program, tool or other form to interfere with the system or change the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or encourage any activities to interfere, destroy or infiltrate the website system. All violations will be handled according to the Regulations and provisions of law. 

All transaction information is kept security, except when require by law enforcement.

1.    The black list of product/ comment which is banned 

-        Free courses, lectures at other places (on the Internet or not on the Internet) are not allowed to sell for a fee on the ISEVN Forums.

-        Course, lecture, discussion topic, comment not allowed by the State law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, including the following contents:

·       Pornographic content;

·       Content related to the making, handling or use of weapons;

·       Content that promotes violence or bodily harm;

·       Negative or discriminatory language; 

·       Content that allows illegal or unethical behavior;

·        Content that is intentionally misleading or deceptive;

·        Content that violates applicable laws; 

·       Harmful or inappropriate content;

·        Courses, lectures with content and images that violate the 72/2013/ND-CP on management, provision and use of internet services and online information;

2.    The information about introducing, advertisement product 

2.1.                 Prohibited acts when posing information:

-        Contrary to Vietnamese and international laws, infringing on the rights of third parties, and contrary to ISEVN Forums's policies.

-        Posting misleading, inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent content.

-        Spam of all kinds

-        Using virus, toxic programs, …effect the operation of the website or infringe on the property rights of users.

-        Copy or revise website content including copyright, logo, trademark

-        Using other person information without permission.

2.2.                  Comment/ information review and investigation mechanism.

ISEVN Forums management board will regularly implement the checking lecture/ course/ topic product information posted on the ISEVN Forums;

-        With course/ lecture/ discussion topic:  After partners posted their course in forum, QA team will receive and check course information before publishing. The QA team will review the information from 5-7 days and return the results to the Partner.

·       In the case, courses are eligible to post, Lecturer can publicly post course information on the ISEVN Forums.

·       In the case, courses are not meet the quality checking, Lecturer are instructed to revise and submit information again.

The ISEVN Forums Administrator has the full right to remove the Lecturer's products if the product violates the provisions of the Law or the operating regulations of the ISEVN Forums, the policies and regulations issued by the forum.

-        For comments in discussion topic in forum:  The moderators of ISEVN Forums will check and remove the account usage conditions for accounts that violate the terms of prohibited content posted on the forum. 

The Management Board of ISEVN Forums has the right to apply claim compensation for damage as prescribed in the principles and operating policies of ISEVN Forums as well as in accordance with the law;

-        In case the partners/ users post incorrect information, the ISEVN Forums Administrations will check and review the information and request the Instructor to re-provide the product information.

-         ISEVN Forums's management board reserves the right to decide whether to keep or remove products posted on the Website.

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The management board of ISEVN Forums always tries and commits to providing the best technical infrastructure services to Customers and Partners during using our services, ensuring the safety and stability of the technical system.

With the responsibility and obligation to commit to providing services, the Board of Directors of ISEVN Forums will immediately apply all technical and professional measures to ensure the benefits of Partners and Learners if any problems occur.

For technical problems, or other errors leading to affect when using services on ISEVN Forums, support team will be available to help via Hotline or Email.

If you have any difficulties, you can contact ISEVN Forums during office hours for timely support.

-       Hotline: 0974 717 048 - 090 3467 900

-       Email:

-       Website:

Support services are as follows:

-        Technical problems.

        -   Consulting about products.


Address: Department of Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC


Hotline: 0974 717 048 - 090 3467 900