1.      An overview of Industrial System Engineering  

A professional in industrial engineering (or industrial system engineering) is responsible for the development, improvement and implementation complex prosses, system such as human machine collaboration system in manufacturing industry. The term history industrial engineering can be trace d  in the the Industrial Revolution British and America in the early 1900s where Frederick Taylor ,   ( the Principles of Scientific Management )  and Frank Gilbreth  ( a pioneer of time and motion study )  applied science to   improve  quality and productivity in many factories in America.

Nowadays, Industrial Systems Engineering profession figure out a better way to do things and work in a wide array of professional areas, including management, manufacturing, logistics  and supply chain (link to LSCM Program) such as:

    ·      Analyze and optimize manufacturing system and service.

    ·      Reduce the production and operation cost.

    ·      Design the ERP system for Enterprises.

    ·      Manage the logistic and supply chain system (procurement, inventory, transportation and customer service).

2. Throughout Industrial Engineering Programs in Vietnam

     In Vietnam, Industry Systems Engineering (ISE) has large number of  applications in different spheres such as manufacturing, service, profit and non-profit organization supporting for the industrialization and modernization goals of the government. Many ISE alumni achieve the critical positions in reputable corporation such as Intel Vietnam, Unilever Vietnam, Nestlé, Whitterwood furniture, Taco, Jabil Vietnam, etc., from Japan enterprises such as Kyoshin, Nidec Toshock, Fujikura etc., from other developed countries enterprises such as Korea companies (Samsung Vietnam), Hong Kong companies (Esquel - Hongkong, SYM, DHL ...), various Vietnamese enterprises such as Vietnam Airlines, Tan Tien Plastic, Tinh Loi Garment, Thanh Cong Textile and Garment, Vinamilk, Masan Group, Cà Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer, Holcim Vietnam, and other Vietnamese government organizations, etc. Expert information can be referred in Curriculum Vitaes (Link to expert information).

Regarding to the demanding ISE engineer, many  employers  provide  preferential policy  to attract ISE student after graduation, together with the application of ISE program to the curriculum from many Universities such as.

    ·    Ho Chi Minh City Unviersity of Technology (Link to curriculum and lecturer).

    ·    Ho Chi Minh City International University.

    ·    Can Tho University.

    ·    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

    ·    Ho Chi Minh City Hong Bang International University.

ISE graduated students will be equipped with soft skills such as team works, leaderships and provided the adequate knowledge to pursue the higher studies. ISE is suitable for both male and female who are proactive, creative open-minded.

3. Expected outcomes of ISE program

    ·      Ability to design and conduct experiment, collect and analyze data in the industrial environment.

    ·      Ability to analyze, design, operate, and improve systems or processes for sustainable development.

    ·      Ability to define, formulate the industrial problems and research their optimal solving solutions.

    ·      Ability to use the specialized software and tools (Minitab, Matlab, Arena etc..) supporting for ISE work.

    ·      Adapt to both individual and team work in diversified enterprises.

    ·      Become fluent in English (speaking reading and writing). 

4. Achievements of Industrial System Engineering (HCMUT)

    ·      Achieve AUN-QA in 2015

  ·   (AUN is the Asian University network established on November 1995 with an aim to promulgate the college charter for 11 member Universities from six Countries).

 ·   Lecturers are Professors, Associate Professors and Doctors of Philosophy graduating from the world’s top Universities with the prolonged training and a formal qualification in teaching and research.

  ·      Students are equipped not only major knowledge but also the soft-skills, practical experiments and specialized software supporting for their challenging journey after graduation.

  ·     Graduated students will be qualified with global enterprise requirements, thus contributing to the development of these companies as well as achieving the preferred promotions such as ( Mr Khanh, CEO of COYOSU VN JSC…).

 ·   Planning annual events such as: welcome new student, admission counseling, founding anniversary of ISE department, job fair, graduation ceremony and so on.

  ·         Holding and participating in various student clubs such as English club, academic club, IE connect etc.