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Phần Mềm Minitab 18.1 full (Minitab 18.1 software)

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    Các tính năng được cập nhật trong phiên bản minitab 18.1 : Minitab 18

    Updated Session Window

    The Session window not only looks better, but it also includes several great enhancements, including the ability to:

    • Specify the number of significant digits
    • Easily access graphs via links
    • Expand and collapse any analysis
    • Zoom in and out

    Sort Worksheets

    Easily manage your data within the Project Manager using new options for sorting your worksheets by title or in chronological order.
    Definitive Screening Designs

    Identify which inputs affect your outputs with this new type of DOE screening design. These designs can provide an alternative to standard screening designs where main effects are confounded with two-way interactions.
    More Distributions for Tolerance Intervals

    Calculate statistical tolerance intervals for nonnormal data using a wide variety of distributions including Weibull, lognormal, exponential, and more.

    Nếu có điều kiện hãy mua phần mềm bản quyền các bạn nhé!





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